Gas Chipper Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Gas Wood Chipper

By  | Chipper Product Expert

When you need power and reliability to chip through hard wood, gas chippers are the way to go.

Gas chippers come in a few different styles to meet different needs.

Whether you're looking to clean up debris from your lawn, reduce larger branches to mulch, or are interested in chipping wood and shredding leaves, there's a gas chipper to meet your demands.

Gas Wood Chippers (No Shredder)
Gas ChipperChippers come in three styles: portable, tow-behind and PTO (power take-off). When you've got large branches and limbs, particularly 2 1/2 inches or more in diameter, you'll need some serious chipping power to break them into uniformly sized chips.

Gas chippers with no shredding capabilities, which we refer to as chippers only, are designed with heavy fly-wheels that turn blades with more momentum to chip larger pieces of wood.

These are particularly useful when you have many trees on your property that require pruning and cleanup on a regular basis.

How to Pick the Perfect Gas Chipper Only

What's right for you?
If you're mostly looking to clean up brush piles, downed limbs, and branches from tree pruning, then your best bet will be a wood chipper only.

If your tasks strictly consist of soft, flexible yard waste such as old garden waste, leaves, and a few smaller twigs, then you may be able to get away with an electric chipper or a smaller chipper shredder.

If you're somewhere in between, then you'd best benefit from a chipper shredder, which would allow you to handle flexible materials like leaves and garden waste as well as smaller limbs or branches up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Gas Chipper Shredders
Portable Gas Chipper ShredderJust like with chippers, chipper shredders come in portable, tow-behind and PTO (power take-off) styles.

If you cut down lots of trees for firewood, you turn the trunks into logs. But to get rid of the branches, just toss them in the hopper of a gasoline powered chipper shredder and all you'll be left with is free mulch. However, if your primary fall cleanup task is getting rid of leaves, an electric shredder may be the best route to take.

How to Pick the Perfect Chipper Shredder

Gas Chipper Shredder Vacuums
Chipper Yard VacYou could use a leaf blower or rake, then shred or bag all your leaves later. Or you could save time and just use a gasoline powered chipper vac right off the bat. Just walk behind one of these and suck all the leaves off your lawn in no time.

If you have small branches and twigs as well, a gas chipper vacuum will shred them to smithereens. However, if you have lots of thick branches, you'll want to step up to a chipper shredder instead.


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