The Best Wood Chippers of 2023

The Best Wood Chippers of 2023

Best-Selling & Top-Rated Wood Chippers

Dale, the Chipper Expert
Chipper Expert

Wood chippers are great investments for yard cleaning and free mulch, but there are many options to choose from. That's why we've put together the Best Wood Chippers of 2023 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect machine for your needs.


If you're not sure what kind of wood chipper you need, check out our Wood Chipper Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation.

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Best Wood Chippers List

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Best Home Wood Chipper

Learn More About Patriot Products CSV-3100B
Not For Individual Sale
Expert Review
If you live on a wooded lot up to an acre in size, the CSV-3100B by Patriot is a wonderful choice. Large volumes of leaves and/or branches are no problem for this chipper shredder. Though the size of this machine does not vary a whole lot from other 3" models, the size of the 3100B's engine certainly does. At 10HP, this Patriot has the most powerful engine out of the entire CSV Series. A commercial-grade Vanguard engine by Briggs & Stratton produces up to 3800 RPM's allowing the massive rotor the speed to shred and chip much faster than the average chipper shredder. Weighing in at 20 lbs., with a 14" diameter, this rotor is no joke and wields two angled heat treated chipping knives exclusive to Patriot. The patented process that goes into these knives allows you to slice wood rather than chop it. The knives are also reversible for 2x the lifespan. In addition to these exclusive and highly effective knives, the Patriot CSV-3100B features six Y-hammers capable of reducing debris down to an 8:1 ratio for a fine mulch perfect for compost. The outboard bearing featured on the CSV-3100B makes it a direct drive chipper. In short, this means that the chipper produces more power and has fewer components to break and maintain like you would on a belt and pulley configured chipper shredder. The direct drive configuration, massive rotor, and patented chipping knives makes this Patriot CSV-3100B a top pick and the 'The New Performance Standard'.
10HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial Engine
  • Sturdy & reliable for top performance season after season
  • Ideal for wooded property owners up to about an acre
Easy To Load Shredding Hopper
  • 14" x 16" opening lets you load lots of leaves & debris
  • Narrows to 7" long by 2" wide; branches should be put in chipper
  • Tapered Chipping Cone
  • Opening at the top is 7" in diameter- less pruning & faster load
  • Great for green branches, corn stalks, sunflower stems, etc.
  • Narrows to 3"- maximum green wood diameter
Heavy Duty Rotor With Re-Sharpenable Chipping Knives
  • Tool steel knives are heat-treated for wear resistance
  • 6 hardened steel y-hammers beat debris to pieces
  • 20 bushels of leaves reduce to 1 bushel quickly & easily
Compact Size
  • Powerful, yet only takes up about as much room as a trash can
Greaseable Outboard Bearing
  • Direct power transfer; no pulleys or belts

Best Wood Chipper for Small Farm

Learn More About PowerKing PK0913
Product Discontinued
Kohler Command Pro CH270 7HP 4-Cycle OHV Engine
  • Designed to weather the toughest, dirtiest conditions
  • Quad-Clean™ cyclonic air filter keeps harmful contaminants out
  • Steel-forged crankshaft and cast iron cylinder extends life of engine
3-Inch Diameter Chipping Capacity
  • The large chute feed greatly reduces your clean-up time
  • Process tree trimmings, leaves, branches, etc. into nutritious mulch
Double-Edged Sword
  • Fusion-welded blade edges increase overall longevity up to 4X
  • Blades are easily removable for sharpening or replacement
  • Enjoy twice the cutting life by simply flipping the blades when dull
Intuitive Drum Design
  • Dual V-belt drive system produces cyclone speeds up to 2400 RPM
  • Drum has been egineered for longevity, giving you peace of mind
Easy To Maintain & Clear
  • The feed and discharge chute open up by removing a couple of bolts
  • Allows you to quickly and safely remove jams and access blades

Best Commercial Wood Chipper

Learn More About Wallenstein BXT6238
Product Discontinued
Expert Review
If you're a landscaper, municipality, arborist, etc., who is looking for a high-quality commercial-grade chipper capable of being towed down main street or the main highway, the Wallenstein BXT6238 chipper may be the best option for you. Limbs and branches up to 6" in diameter are processed into mulch in a matter of moments with the 35HP Kohler Command CH980 engine. Also featured on the Wallenstein BXT6238 is a centrifugal clutch, heavy-duty belt system, and convenient electric start. A massive 197-pound rotor 30-inches in diameter rotates at 1280 RPMs. With the size and speed of the rotor, the four hardened steel knives have no problem chipping up gnarly branches and limbs. A 360-degree rotating hood allows you to control where you want your chips to go, whether it's in the back of your truck or into the garden. An all-around sound choice, the Wallenstein Self-Feed Tow-Behind Chipper has the features and power to accommodate most any application and earns a spot in my top recommended commercial-grade chippers.
Great For Chipping Wood On The Move
  • Keep property and job sites clean and tidy
Powered By A 999cc Kohler Command CH980 Engine
  • Powerful and reliable
Oversized Diameter Chipping Rotor
  • 30" chipper rotor with 2 offset knives
  • Twin reversible blades provide durability and precise cutting
Large Chipper Housing
  • 6.5" X 12" chipper housing accepts branches up to 6" thick
Convenient 360 Degree Chute Rotation
  • Provides accurate chip & mulch placement where needed

Best Chipper Shredder

Learn More About PowerKing PK0915
Was $2,949.99
Expert Review
New from Power King this year is the 5" chipper/shredder model PK0915. It is the beefier big brother to the model PK0903 that has been a great performer for customers over the years. The 14hp Kohler Command Pro engine features a cyclonic air filter system that is perfect for extra dirty conditions. Combined with a steel-forged crankshaft and cast iron cylinder, you should enjoy many years of trouble-free service. The unit has an extra-large feed chute to handle small trees, branches, leaves, crop straw and many other types of yard waste. The 360-degree omni-directional discharge spout will direct the chippings exactly where you want them and is tall enough to clear most truck tailgates. What makes this unit unique is that it uses a drum design with high-strength fusion-welded reversible blades for chipping. This allows it to do a much better job of shredding leaves and other materials than typical rotor designed chippers. Power is delivered to the drum by a dual V-belt system which produces drum speeds of 3600 rpm. And last but not least it has a 1-7/8" ball hitch receiver that allows it to be towed around your property easily for added convenience.
Commercial Kohler Command Pro CH440 14HP 4-Stroke Engine
  • Increased capacity highly reduces clean-up time
  • Large feed chute perfect for trees, leaves, branches, crop straw, etc.
  • Easy-to-remove 1-7/8" ball hitch assembly for added convenience
  • Squared stand adds stability, strength and easily adjusted using hitch pin
  • Fusion welded edges increase longevity of blades up to 4X
  • Get twice the cutting life by flipping the blades when they dull
  • Increased spout height provides perfect clearance for truck-beds
  • Spout rotates 360° for complete control over discharge direction
  • Auto cut blade ensures thorough processing of smaller 2" branches
High Strength Twin Reversible Blades
    Innovative Drum Design
    • Known to outlast competitor drum designs 4:1
    • Dual V-belt drive system produces cyclone speeds up to 3600 RPM
    Tall Omni-Directional Spout

      Best PTO Wood Chipper

      Learn More About Mighty Mac TPH475
      3-Point Hitch Design Connects Directly To Tractors PTO
      • Designed for 540 RPM PTO Speed
      • Power is transferred directly into chipping action
      • Suitable for all category 1 tractors up to 45 HP
      • Quick hitch compatible
      4.75" Chipping Capacity
      • Turns sticks, twigs, and branches into usable mulch/compost
      • 17" L x 27" W chipper hopper opening at the top
      • 2250 RPM rotor speed
      All Steel Construction
      • Rugged steel hopper allows for efficient feeding of branches and twigs
      • Steel frame and hopper increase lifespan of the chipper
      Designed With Safety In Mind
      • Solid welded steel construction
      • Safety blowback shield protects the operator from debris
      • Safety glasses, hearing protection, and gloves are included with the unit

      Best Chipper Vacuum

      Learn More About Mighty Mac VCB1102E
      Briggs & Stratton® 250cc OHV 4-Cycle XR1150 Professional Series&trade Engine
      • Overhead valve design increases air throughput and power
      • Dura-Bore™ cast iron sleeve protects against wear and tear
      • Forged crankshaft extends the engine life
      • Reduce the time it takes to get going with an electric start
      Self-Propelled Drive System
      • 3 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed to conquer any type of terrain
      Cleaning Up Debris Has Never Been Easier
      • Ideal for yards, sidewalks, driveways, patios and parking lots
      • Vacuum suction up to 1600 CFM at 3600 RPM
      • Heavy-duty commercial steel impeller for more power
      Wide 25-Inch Vacuum Path
      • Promptly clean large areas of debris in little time
      • Meaning, fewer passes to get the job done
      2" Chipping Capacity
      • For those pesky branches hidden in leaves

      Best Stump Grinder

      Learn More About PowerKing PK0803V
      Was $1,949.99
      Kohler Command Pro 14HP Engine
      • Aggressive and powerful driving dual V-belts
      • Premium locking throttle
      Safety First
      • Slap stop palm button safety shut off
      • Pull latch rip cord safety shut off and precision brake control
      9 Tungsten Tough Blades
      • 12-inch diameter cutting wheel, 3.5-inches thick
      • Pulverizes stumps 10-inches above ground and 9-inches below ground
      • Disc drum brake for pivot cutting
      Dual Bolt Cutting Tools Keep Tight & Strong
      • Foot pegs included
      Welded Dual Lift Handles
      • Adjustable bow handle made of large pipe
      • Keeps you in stable, secure control

      Best Electric Wood Chipper

      Learn More About Patriot Products CSV-2515
      Not For Individual Sale
      Expert Review
      A wonderful design and the great performance provided by the Patriot CSV-2515 makes it one of the best electric chippers on the market. As an electrically powered chipper, this Patriot produces zero fumes making it safe to use inside or in close quarters. This workhorse and its 1.5 HP motor are fully capable of chipping unrelenting materials such as branches 2-1/2" in diameter, making it a terrific choice for composting debris like bamboo and hay in addition to general yard waste cleanup. Designed with the homeowner in mind, the assembly instructions are very clear-cut and easy to follow. Piecing together the CSV-2515 is painless; 15-30 minutes and a few screws and bolts and you're done! This model is ideally suited for a modestly sized property owner of up to ½ an acre with the primary intent to shred garden debris/leaves and chip branches up to 2 and ½ inches in diameter that are routinely found during yard care.
      1.5 HP Electric Chipper Shredder Motor
      • Doesn't release fumes and is safe to use indoors
      • Plugs into standard household electrical outlet
      • Requires 14 amps; use 12-gauge extension cord (no more than 100')
      Easy To Load Shredding Hopper
      • 16" long by 14" wide lets you load lots of leaves & debris
      • Shred through piles of leaves and chew up pine cones
      Tapered Chipping Cone
      • Opening at the top is 7" in diameter - less pruning & faster load
      • Great for branches, corn stalks, sunflower stems, etc.
      • Pulverize branches and brush up to 2.5" in diameter
      Heavy-Duty, 13 LB Steel Rotor
      • Patented design laminates sheets of steel together
      • 6 hardened steel y-hammers beat debris to pieces
      • 8 bushels of leaves reduce to 1 bushel quickly & easily
      Creates The Smallest Chips In The Business
      • No more than dime size chips; great for mulch and landscaping

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