Wood Chipper Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Wood Chipper

By  | Chipper Product Expert

If you have trees in your yard, you're inevitably left cleaning up after Mother Nature every spring and fall.

Instead of discarding all of your waste into a burn pile, save some money and make your own mulch.

Electric Chippers & Shredders
Electric ChipperElectric chippers may resemble a golf bag, but that's where the similarities end. These compact machines are powered by an extension cord and a regular household outlet. Just plug it in and start chipping.

Electric chippers are rather small and lightweight so you can transport them easily. Also, the fact they are electric means they need less maintenance such as oil changes and spark plug replacements. Because of their small size, they can only mulch branches up to 1 3/8 inches in diameter.

Gas Chippers and Chipper Shredders
Gas ChipperThese are the big-boys. Gas chippers are larger and more powerful than electric chipper/shredders. When you have larger diameter sticks and branches to chip, an electric model just won't do the trick.

Gas chippers come in different styles such as walk-behind chipper/shredder vacuums, heavy-duty chippers without shredding capability, and heavy-duty chipper/shredders. These chipping machines are capable of chipping branches anywhere from 1 1/2" in diameter all the way up to 7" in diameter.

How to Pick the Perfect Gas Wood Chipper

PTO Chipper Shredders
PTO Chipper ShredderPTO (Power take-off) chipper shredders are built for farms and professional applications. Powered by tractor drive shafts, PTO chippers harness the heft of your tractor to mince branches up to 8" in diameter.

To accommodate for large debris, PTO chippers feature an auto feed system, which pulls the debris into the hopper for you. Unless you already own a tractor, a PTO chipper simply won't work.


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