Chipper Shredder Product Spotlight - Tazz

Innovations and a Name Change for Earthquake Chippers

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From the makers of Earthquake chipper/shredders comes a new name in the chipper game - Tazz.

While Tazz is a new name, it's not entirely a new line of chippers. In fact, it's an upgraded Earthquake chipper.

Ardisam, the company that makes Earthquake power equipment, is changing the name of their chipper/shredders from Earthquake to Tazz.

While the chippers are still the same quality machines you've come to trust from Earthquake, they're receiving a few modifications.

bagModifications Featured on Tazz Chippers
One greatly appreciated modification is the hopper. While Earthquake hoppers were generally made of a plastic composite and rough-cut to fit the machines, the Tazz versions have rugged steel hoppers that are precision cut for a more finished look and increased durability.

The collection bag is redesigned as well. It features innovations not found on other chipper bags. Tazz debris bags feature a zipper along the bottom seam for easy emptying. They also have handles that slide onto a bar for suspending the bag during operation, keeping it off the ground.

Exclusive Earthquake Vacuum Kit Carried Over To Tazz
vacAnother great innovation that can be found on the Tazz chippers was previously featured on Earthquake models, but we thought it was worth mentioning. Tazz is continuing to offer the optional exclusive vacuum kit. This makes cleanup and leaf collection much easier than with other chippers.

Tazz's largest-in-class rotor, which produces 20% more vacuum power than other chippers in its class, is coupled with a unique Air Gate, which closes off the hopper to provide ideal suction for collecting leaves, grass clippings, and other small debris capable of being shredded. This is a very useful feature that isn't available from all other makes and models of chippers.

View & Shop Tazz Vacuum Kit for Chippers & Shredders

Same Great Engine
Tazz EngineJust like the Earthquake chippers, Tazz is continuing to use the very powerful Viper engines that have been in use with chippers since 2005. You can choose the standard 212cc Viper engine, or you can step up to the 10 horse model to breeze through big jobs in less time.

If you're a fan of Kohler engines, which have been around for 97 years, there's a K52 model Tazz chipper/shredder that comes equipped with a 196cc 6.5 hp Kohler engine. And for fans of Briggs & Stratton engines, which have been around 108 years, there's a K42 model Tazz chipper/shredder available with a 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine.

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