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Gas Chipper Shredder Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Chipper Shredder

By Dale Vogelsanger  |  Chipper Expert
You turn tree trunks and large limbs into firewood.

But why not turn the small branches and twigs into mulch?

If you own acres of land and frequently cut down and clear trees, you need a chipper shredder.

You can save money by buying a chipper shredder instead of renting one every year.

Portable Gas Chipper Shredders

Portable chipper shredders are great for homes that take on yard clean ups annually. These gas-powered models can handle branches and tree limbs up to 3" in diameter.

Portable chippers can reduce 20 bags of yard debris down to one bag of mulch. They're on wheels so you can push them short distances, but if you need to bring your chipper all over your acres of land, go with a tow-behind model instead.

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Tow-Behind Chipper Shredders

Tow-behind chipper shredders are available for landowners and professionals alike. Smaller units can handle branches 2-3" in diameter while professional models can demolish branches up to 7" in diameter.

Attach one of these to your ATV, tractor, or with professional units, even to your truck. Look for models with hydraulic feed, which pulls the debris into the chipper for you. If you need to chip seriously large logs, step up to a PTO chipper.

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