West Hartford Man Wins $500 for Power Equipment Review

West Hartford Man Wins $500 for Power Equipment Review

Gas Chipper Shredder Video Review

WEST HARTFORD, CT (January 11, 2018) - A seasoned woodsman from Connecticut became $500 richer as the new winner of Power Equipment Direct's video review contest.

Power Equipment Direct (PED) holds a bi-monthly video review competition that gives their customers a chance at winning a cool $500 by posting their honest and informative product reviews on YouTube. The videos are featured on their website and help other shoppers by seeing products tested in the real world. The winner this time is Ben G. of West Hartford, Connecticut for his review of a YARDMAX 3" Gas Chipper Shredder.

"This video comes packed with details that people will want to know when it comes to chipper shredders, especially if they've never purchased one before", explained Dale Vogelsanger, wood tools and engine expert at Power Equipment Direct.

"Ben called out vital features like how to start and engage the chipping/shredding action as well as providing samples of the finished debris.

If you're in the market for a gas chipper shredder, I highly recommend watching Ben's video review because this video is exactly what customers will want to know. It's informative, engaging, and it explains how to set up and use the product."

When PED reached out to Ben, he was ecstatic to be chosen and continued to rave about the product and the service he received.

"This is not my first chipper shredder, and I was impressed the moment it was out of the box. Solid steel construction all around, a reputable [Briggs & Stratton] engine - the list continues. I have used industrial-sized brush chippers before, and this seemed to follow a similar design (minus a feed system).

The Yardmax Chipper Shredder is more than capable of handling whatever garden waste suburban homeowners can throw at it. In my experience, the machine makes the task of cleanup after a project or storm much easier, and as an added bonus, it provides free chips!"

Ben also elaborated about his experience purchasing from a Power Equipment Direct store.

"Chippers Direct provides the ultimate online buying experience for consumers looking for high quality, affordably priced chipping, shredding, and grinding equipment for a variety of applications.

The Yardmax YW7565 Gas Chipper Shredder has surpassed my expectations with regard to construction, ease of use, performance, and safety. I would recommend this machine and Chippers Direct to anyone!"

Keep an eye on Power Equipment Direct for updates or learn how to submit your review. You could be next to win $500.

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