Introducing the Best Chippers of 2019

Introducing the Best Chippers of 2019

Chippers Direct Reveals 2019’s Top Wood Chippers

BOLINGBROOK, IL (April 25, 2019) - In order to better serve customers looking for the right outdoor tools for spring cleanup, Chippers Direct announces its highly anticipated lists of the Best Chippers of 2019.

The online retailer currently features almost 70 wood chipper models on its website and has published almost 1,000 customer reviews to date. Its lists of the best chippers available this year promise to make the shopping experience even easier.

One feature that makes the Chippers Direct rating system unique is a proprietary algorithm used across the site. The algorithm assigns a real-time letter grade to each product based on user feedback and customer results.

“Nothing’s worse than getting the wrong equipment for the job,” says Dale Vogelsanger, product expert for Chippers Direct. “We take several factors into account when determining which chippers are the best we have to offer this year. We use top-of-the-line technology to make sure our rankings are up to date, and we make the information simple for customers to find.”

According to Vogelsanger, the Chippers Direct lists are the best source for 2019 chipper rankings for three reasons:

1. Three Lists for Every Category
For every category of product on its site, Chippers Direct sorts its products into three lists:
  • Best-selling: products with the highest sales numbers
  • Top-rated: products with the most favorable reviews
  • Expert-recommended: products that the store sales expert recommends based on testing and customer feedback

“Whether a customer wants a chipper that our product expert has vouched for or a chipper that has the highest recommendations from other shoppers, they can find it easily on our lists,” Vogelsanger says. “Often a product appears on more than one list, which makes the choice even easier.”

2. Real-Time Updates
Thanks to the ratings algorithm in use across the site, Chippers Direct always shows customers ratings that are being updated in real time.

“It’s true: once a year, we put a spotlight on our best-selling and most recommended products,” Vogelsanger explains. “However, customers can shop assured knowing that anytime they look at a product, they’re seeing current, up-to-the-minute feedback on it, and that we use that feedback in our annual lists.”

3. Free Access
Chippers Direct doesn’t require visitors to sign up for email subscription lists in order to see the lists of the best chippers. Instead, the company makes the lists available for free to anyone who visits the website, so that everyone can pick the perfect chipper.

“A wood chipper is a big purchase,” says Vogelsanger. “The more our customers know about the chippers we sell, the more confident they’ll feel about the chippers they buy.”

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