Best Wood Chippers of 2016 Announced at Chippers Direct

Best Wood Chippers of 2016 Announced at Chippers Direct

The Best Wood Chipper Reviews and Ratings

BOLINGBROOK, IL (April 01, 2016) - Chippers Direct's best chipper rankings have been growing in popularity, inspiring shoppers to write more reviews, and helping visitors find the right chipper or shredder for them.

They're the internet's leading wood chipper retailer and reviews site, currently listing as many as 80 wood chipper models and publishing over 360 consumer reviews from new and returning shoppers.

The ratings are determined using an innovative algorithm that assigns a letter grade for each wood chipper based on consumer reviews, enabling Chippers Direct to provide shoppers with the most comprehensive 2016 wood chipper ratings online.

According to Bob Crewe, product expert at ChippersDirect, “Most 'best-selling' lists online are chosen at random by affiliate websites trying to to get paid commissions from advertisers.” Crewe continues, “While there are also rankings or ratings in magazine publications, they're often times outdated by the time they hit the shelves. We like to offer real-time rankings and ratings based on current and on-going feedback from consumers, experts, and sales reports.”

According to Crewe, the Chippers Direct lists are the best source for 2016 chipper rankings because of three distinct factors:

1. Three Lists in One
The word “best” means different things to different people. publishes lists that can be sorted three ways. Shoppers can sort chippers by best selling, top-rated or expert recommended models. In addition, the results can be filtered, narrowing the selection of wood chippers significantly. didn't stop with one list. The online retail and review site created separate lists for each style of chipper, ranging from electric shredders to powerful commercial-grade chippers.

2. Real-Time
Most best-selling lists out there are updated once a year at best, which means they're very likely displaying discontinued chippers from the previous year. Chippers Direct's lists are updated in real-time, so they're always highlighting the best models whenever you choose to visit.

“Best of all, actual wood chipper users influence the algorithm daily. If you don’t agree with our letter grade, you simply submit a review, which instantly alters the ranking,” said Crewe, who personally works directly with all of the leading manufacturers and actual customers before recommending the highest quality chippers.

3. Free doesn't require a sign-up form or a subscription. The retailer’s goal is to educate shoppers with free information, helping them pick the perfect chipper shredder.

"We're so passionate about chippers that we're delighted to share this valuable information for free," said Crewe. "We care that shoppers get the right chipper for them, so we want to help them as much as possible by sharing what we know."

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